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Newly Obtained Uvalde 911 Calls Shed More Light on Botched Police Response

Correction, Nov. 3, 2022: A previous version of this story included incorrect details of a request to check the classroom of teacher Eva Mireles early in the police response. The request was to check Mireles' room, 112, not the adjoining 111. It was made by an unidentified male official, not a dispatcher. And class was reported to be in session by a school district police officer, not a Uvalde officer. That same officer, not a dispatcher, also wrongly reported over the radio at 11:50 a.m. that the school chief was "in the room with the shooter."

Churches Are Breaking the Law by Endorsing in Elections, Experts Say. The IRS Looks the Other Way.

Correction, Oct. 31, 2022: This story originally misstated the name of the university where Andrew Whitehead, a sociologist, works. It is Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, not University of Indiana-Purdue.

How Google’s Ad Business Funds Disinformation Around the World

Correction, Oct. 29, 2022: An animation with this story originally misattributed the location of an article on climate change. It is from France, not Africa.

Election Deniers Failed to Hand Wisconsin to Trump but Have Paved the Way for Future GOP Success

Correction, Oct. 7, 2022: This story originally incorrectly referred to the Center for Election Innovation & Research as a “progressive nonprofit.” It is a nonpartisan group.

Mississippi’s Missing Search Warrants Prevent Scrutiny of No-Knock Raids

Correction, Oct. 4, 2022: This story originally misspelled the surname of a Texas A&M School of Law professor. She is Hannah Bloch-Wehba, not Bloch-Webha.

Judge Lifts U.S. Ban on Mexicans Entering Country to Sell Blood Plasma

Correction, Sept. 27, 2022: This story originally incorrectly stated that the U.S. is the only country where donors are allowed to give plasma twice a week. At least one clinic in Canada also allows donations at that frequency.

Minnesota Set to Become “Abortion Access Island” in the Midwest, but for Whom?

Correction, Aug. 26, 2022: This story originally misstated the age of Paulina Briggs when she started working at WE Health Clinic. She was 23, not 21.

She Didn’t Know She Still Owed Money to Her Utility. Then 25% of Her Paycheck Was Gone.

Correction, Aug. 19, 2022: This story has been updated to correct details in Stephanie Johnson’s experiences with DTE debt. She did not get shut off by DTE in 2016 but did close her account. She also faced a default judgment with Jefferson Capital before working out a payment to satisfy her debt.

How to Investigate Your Next New York Apartment Like a Reporter

Correction, Aug. 16, 2022: This story originally misstated a requirement for securing an apartment. You may have to pay one month’s rent, not first and last month’s rent.

The EPA Has Identified 23 U.S. Facilities Whose Toxic Air Pollution Puts People at Risk

Correction, Aug. 6, 2022: This story originally misstated whether a plant was identified by the EPA as being high-risk. Midwest Sterilization Corporation’s Missouri plant was among the facilities given that designation.

The Leader of New York’s “City of the Dead” Cashes In. Again.

Correction, July 29, 2022: This story originally misidentified the owner of the OTC Markets Group, the financial market where Pinelawn land shares are traded. It is an independent public company, not operated by Nasdaq.

Pharma Companies Sue for the Right to Buy Blood From Mexicans Along Border

Correction, July 14, 2022: This story originally misidentified one of the news organizations involved in the 2019 investigation. It was Searchlight New Mexico, not Searchlight Mexico.

Google Allowed a Sanctioned Russian Ad Company to Harvest User Data for Months

Correction, July 1, 2022: This story originally misspelled the first name of the Federal Trade Commission chair. She is Lina Khan, not Linda.

The Hidden Fees Making Your Bananas, and Everything Else, Cost More

Correction, July 21, 2022: Two photo captions in this story originally misidentified the locations where the photos were shot. They were at the Port of Los Angeles, not the Port of Long Beach.

White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.

Correction, June 17, 2022: This story originally misspelled the first name of one of the people who spoke at the Cherokee County School Board meeting. She is Lori Raney, not Lauri.

New York Let Residences for Kids With Serious Mental Health Problems Vanish. Desperate Families Call the Cops Instead.

Correction, June 8, 2022: The caption for the first picture in this story originally misstated Amari’s age. She is now 14 years old, not 11, which was her age at the time of her 2020 hospitalization.

Trial Diary: A Journalist Sits on a Baltimore Jury

Correction, June 1, 2022: This story originally misstated the fatalities of a shooting. A father-to-be was killed, not left in critical condition.

How Not to Count Salmon

Correction, June 6, 2022: This story originally gave a mistaken impression of the circumstances under which coded wire tags are removed from fish. The tags are taken from fish that are already dead, not from living fish that are killed by the process.

Do Police Give Students Tickets in Your Illinois School District?

Correction, May 5, 2022: An earlier version of this database misstated whether some districts provided a racial breakdown of students who were issued tickets. Pontiac Township HSD 90, Naperville CUSD 203, Geneseo CUSD 228 and Northfield Township HSD 225 were listed as not providing race data when in fact they did provide race data, but it covered too few tickets (fewer than five) to meet our threshold for displaying a breakdown. In addition, an earlier version of this database misstated the total number of tickets issued to students in Bradley Bourbonnais CHSD 307 in the school years ending in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The district issued 109 tickets in those years, not 137, a number that included some tickets issued in the current school year.

Building the “Big Lie”: Inside the Creation of Trump’s Stolen Election Myth

Correction, April 27, 2022: This story originally stated that James Penrose called Staci Burk in late December. According to Burk, the two spoke with each other but the call was initiated by a third party.

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